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..::Mobile Messaging::..

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  • From mobile messaging interoperability to mobile content delivery and mobile commerce services, for operators, brands and content providers, enterprises and financial institutions, we have the market covered. That means we deliver more mobile services to wherever you are, or need to be. And it doesn't end there. We're innovating to create the mobile future so your mobile business can reach its unlimited potential: Today. Tomorrow. Always.


..:: mCommerce ::..

  • The mCommerce suite includes the mobile solutions—mBanking, mPayments and mRemittance. Based on the Eternal Portrait Mobiliser Platform, mCommerce 247 includes a number of value added services including our advanced Marketing module.

    This highly adaptable mobile commerce solution enables the mobile economy by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to pay, buy, bank and remit money. With the mCommerce product suite, you can introduce a standard, convenient communication and transaction channel that supports anywhere, anytime mobile commerce services.



..::Enterprise Services::..

  • Eternal Portrait Enterprise Services can help you extend your business across mobile channels with a single connection to our global messaging and services network. Our suite of mobile solutions is flexible enough to meet each enterprise’s needs and powerful enough to effectively engage your target customers.

    Distribution is vital, and our high-volume delivery infrastructure ensures messages, content and applications are delivered by SMS and MMS, regardless of their final destination. This means Eternal Portrait is wherever you need to be.

    Eternal Portrait Enterprise Services offers:

    1. Global reach to more than 75 percent of the world’s mobile subscribers, with local presence and expertise
    2. Extensive marketing and customer engagement solutions to make your business stand out with mobile customers.
    3. Numerous ways to support mobile transactions, from advanced mPayment networks to unparalleled reach for premium messaging.
    4. Comprehensive reporting and analytic tools to understand your customers and your business.



..:: Bulk Messaging ::..

whyOur web-based text messaging platform requires no technical expertise. It is ideal for businesses who want to run interactive mobile marketing campaigns and also to provide valuable text based service to their customers. Click here to begin..

..:: SMS2TV ::..

why The increasing popularity of TV shows ranging from real television to soaps and game shows demonstrates that viewers want interactive television; the days of “I want to have my say” is here.As SMS grows in popularity, it is inevitable that producers & broadcasters would want viewers participation via texting and messaging to integrate their anxiety and excitement with their content in order to enhance their delivery. The SMS2Tv is an interactive programme in which television viewers are encouraged to participate through SMS messaging either by polls, teasers,questions etc. Viewers are allowed to send in their comments or answers to questions asked during the course of programme through SMS messaging and their comments or answers are scrolled on the television screen with Terms and Conditions applying.

..::Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) System:::..

whyEternalportrait is a known prodigy in interactive voice response software, voice applications and custom voice solutions that connect systems to people and most importantly, people to information.We go from voice over recording of your messages either customized or your own personal message to mixing and mastering to get a good output production; this is why we are here for you.Contact us today to learn a great deal about how Eternalportrait is using voice technology that is changing the way the world interacts with their customers.



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