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About Us


  • why
  • The Company is engaged in the business of Marketing and Communication (perception management, strategic marketing, Creative execution, Media consulting (system integration) and Promotions.
    We are a well established company with insight and foresight of managing corporate marketing and communication for individuals, government and organizations whose end goal is to see effective relationship between their product or service and their target audience.
    Our operation will be basically Creating Business ideas and opportunities for strategic market positioning through communication, entertainment, and consultation which will come in different packages. The collective experience of a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds will be harnessed to ensure expert delivery in all spheres of communication.


..:: OUR VALUES ::..

  • Being accountable to ourselves, our team, our clients and our mission
  • Continually creating an environment for realizing potential, leadership and self-expression .Ensuring respect and dignity in all of our interactions.



  • Our company can be defined in our ability to turn the table around for our clients, putting together the best ideas and innovation available to give customer satisfaction. Our Operation is globally oriented, we give our clients more than they bargain for; in that every organization seeks to improve itself and bring to play a break forth into the next level of operation. This approach stems from our policy of keeping the client ahead of competition
  • and also sufficiently involved in our transformation of her belief to excellent communication.

    Our focus in recruitment is to hire professionals in every sector that makes up the company; the common factors are experience for one, competence, strategic management, integrity and above all our leadership skills.


..:: Our Vision ::..

whyA global leader in harnessing a strong socio cultural and diverse communicative excellence for socio-economic development.

..:: Our Mission ::..

whyOur mission is to add value through our unique strategic approach to solving client’s communication problems and meeting their communication needs in every aspect of our relationship with them. We will build a formidable and excellent environment; enhancing the status-quo of the organization through innovative ideas, skills, talent developing and provision of basic  operation to suit each client.

..:: Our Idealogy ::..

whyThe world today is a stage and all are actors, in today’s world the pro-sumer dictates the market and the level at which goods and services moves; but the communication prowess of every organization is paramount in deciding these factors as well. Eternalportrait has come as a catalyst to foster various organizations whose end goal is  to establish a proper creative business environment where the satisfaction  of their  goods and services are paramount in the heart of their customers.



Our Contact Info

orait Limited

Head Office
  • 18 Amore Street Off Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
  • mobile : +234 802 3876 327
  • Email :
Ibadan Branch
  • House 2c, lane 5, Aare Oluyole Estate, Oluyole Ibadan,Nigeria.
  • mobile : +234 706 0652 429